Health Insurance Union / Local Government

Health Insurance Union / Local Government

To prevent the progression of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the middle-aged population, we will conduct a project with health insurance unions and local governments.

In this project, we integrate medical claims and health checkup data longitudinally and then develop a flexible model to analyze the data. We learn from the data the means to maintain the good health of the population and stop the progression of NCDs among middle-aged people.

We also endeavor to design the healthy community. We collect life-log data from residents in a community and return the results as feedback, to them and to public nurses, to promote healthy behaviors.


NCD Prevention

To prevent the progression of NCDs in the middle-aged population, we analyze health data including medical claims and health checkup data. In this project, the health data of about 400,000 people are integrated longitudinally, and then we identify the modifiable factors for NCD prevention.
Since 2016, we have conducted joint research with the Health Insurance Association for Architecture and Engineering Companies.
This project is funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) KAKENHI (grant number 16K19251).

Healthy Community Project in Kyoto

In order to develop a health community, we are conducting health seminars in cooperation with local governments.
We analyze physical measurement and lifelng and feed back to individuals to encourage behavioral change for health.
We are conducting joint research with Kyoto City since 2017, with the aim of maintaining the physical function of elderly people.

Healthy Community Project in Fukushima

In the Shirakawa area of Fukushima Prefecture, we are building an ecosystem that contributes to maintaining the health of local residents.
We integrate existing healthcare data and implement a data acquisition system in the community.
In 2016, the project concept was awarded the “Good Design Award 2016 (Japan Institute of Design Promotion)” in Japan.
We have been conducting joint research with Nishigo village and Shirakawa Kosei General Hospital since 2015.