Implementation of Epidemiological approach for solving health problems


Learning Healthcare System

Seeking continuous improvement using health big data.

Our mission is to improve the healthcare system continuously by analyzing health big data through a combined approach of clinical epidemiology and data science, ultimately to contribute to the realization of a society where everyone can live healthily and safely.

Health BIg Data + Clinical Epidemiology + Data Science = Health System Improvement


With advances in information technology, the volume of analyzable health data is dramatically increasing.
Available data sources include various data on diagnosis, examination, prescription, and health habits.

We enrich health big data with new approaches, including location information communication technology.
We analyze the data by integrating clinical epidemiology and data science approaches.
Our findings are given as feedback to the healthcare system.

International Collaboration

International Collaboration
Learning from the Japanese health system is useful for the world, and learning from the health systems of other countries is useful for Japan.
We are working on international collaborative projects to learn from others and share information about our own.
We assess the quality of care and then compare them between countries.
This work can help physicians and policymakers worldwide in improving their respective healthcare systems.

Health Insurance Union / Local Government

Health Insurance Union / Local Government
To prevent the progression of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the middle-aged population, we will conduct a project with health insurance unions and local governments.

In this project, we integrate medical claims and health checkup data longitudinally and then develop a flexible model to analyze the data. We learn from the data the means to maintain the good health of the population and stop the progression of NCDs among middle-aged people.

We also endeavor to design the healthy community. We collect life-log data from residents in a community and return the results as feedback, to them and to public nurses, to promote healthy behaviors.

Nursing Home

Nursing Home
In our aging society, we should learn from data to develop a sustainable health system that supports older people.
As older people have complex health status and their lifestyle greatly affect their health, we should attempt to capture the multiple determinants of their health beyond medical data.
We are working on a project using a user-friendly IoT (Internet of Things) device that automatically collects older people’s daily life activities in nursing homes.
From the comprehensive health-related data, we can identify the high-risk population for loss of independence and then prepare an effective support plan for their healthy longevity.